• WASD for camera movement
  • Q y E for zoom
  • Mouse to move and select units


Video Game developed in the MICA 2013 Game Jam, an event where you need to develop a game about human rights with a random team in two days.

This game its about the native people of argentina, they need to defend their territory of lawyers and cops that want to take their land. To do that they stop the invasors putting themselfs in front of them, while others need to make food to support the defenders.

The game were made with Unity, and the programming language was C#


  • Nicolas Borromeo (PROGRAMMING)
  • Barbara (ART)
  • Marisol Estevez (ART)
  • Mariano (GAME DESIGNER)
  • Esteban (MUSIC)
  • Rodrigo Caro (MUSIC)

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